Strong black tea and sugar with Kylie Tennant

Inspired by a letter written by Tennant quoted in Jane Grant’s 2005 “Kylie Tennant: A Life” on her travels in the 1930s that would form the background to her rural Depression novel “The Battlers”, and the cover of a 1989 edition of Tennant’s novel 1941 “The Battlers” Australian novelist, playwright, short-story writer, critic, biographer and historian 1912-1988

“A round off a home-made loaf … spread it thickly with dairy butter, topped by a layer of quince jelly … eaten at dead of night” with Trix, and Ethel Florence Lindesay Richardson (Henry Handel Richardson)

Inspired by Richardson’s 1934 short story “Growing Pains: Sketches of Girlhood” and a page of her handwritten notes on Australian places and historical events c. 1912 Australian novelist and short story writer 1870-1946